Thursday, July 7, 2011


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And here ends my 365 project of my daughter, Taryn. She is simply an amazing, articulate, inquisitive, beautiful being and I look forward to seeing what the next year has in store for her. I will be leaving this project alone and embarking on a new one, whenever and whatever it may be. Thanks for joining me for the journey!


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She has been drawing faces for a few months now, but they always look a She sure does love art!


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With each adventure comes the opportunity for a misplaced step, a veered course, a stumble, a lesson. Sometimes I wonder if she just really, really likes her special bandaids.


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Giving new meaning to "the way to someone's heart is through their stomach". It takes so very little sometimes to invoke a world of magic and wonder if my child's life. The look that says "HOLY CRAP! YOU CAN DO THAT?!!?"


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Those lashes are the keeper of twinkles, the guardian of tears, and the ambassador of sleep.


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Bathtime with Daddy is a magical time, filled with too many bubbles (is there really such a thing?) ALL the bath toys, and squeals that make me creep to the door to peek in.


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Taryn makes friends so easily when we're out and about. Always quick to ask someone's name, what they're doing, where they're going. If we were to ever have a second child, she'd be a great older sister.


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Lunchtime just isn't complete without a dinosaur being involved.


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She calls them her rubyredslippers and is the only pair she'll keep on when we're at home. Just like me, she's a fan of bare feet.


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She refuses to eat in any matter except hard boiled, which she asks for specifically. "Mama, I want an oval egg!


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She alternates between enjoying a long, drawn out shower and playing in a tub full of bubbles. It's so interesting to watch her progression in the things she enjoys.


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Living downtown in a major metropolis without a vehicle means we rely on public transit, much to Taryn's delight. Her favorite thing is to ride on the c-train and look out the windows as the world passes by.


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Her laptop toy was her favorite potty accessory before she moved to the regular toilet. "We won a prize ticket!" is a phrase that worked it's way into my dreams more times than I'd like to admit. Of all of her "annoying" toys, this one was the most educational.


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Her beauty blows me away sometimes.


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You can tell what she had for breakfast by looking at her feet. Today's item of choice was blueberries, her favorite.


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She loves to pop bubbles. She also loves her rainbow hoodie which will soon be too small. Luckily, I take note of popular items and buy them in multiple sizes. I'm learning, right along with her.


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What's more fun than a bubble bath? Blowing bubbles while in said bubble bath. No wonder she never wants to get out of the tub!


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Sometimes, I wonder what she's thinking when she sees me behind the camera, or if she's seeing her own reflection in the lens.


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Markers that sing and light up when used with their base? Best.Day.Ever!


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"Mama look at me! I'm upside down!" is a common shout from anywhere in the apartment she can manage it.


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Her ever faithful companion, BayBear, goes where she goes. I haven't been able to find another one anywhere so I'm hoping he lasts for quite a long time.


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There really aren't any words for this. As you can see, she's developed a new hobby. Le sigh.


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Her hair is officially longer than mine, by a lot.


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I hope this is a short lived phase...


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Because of my tattoos, she's no obsessed with temporary ones. We have a lot of fun playing with them and being badasses together.


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the look


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I love this kid so much, even when I'm ready to sell her to the circus. What a weird feeling.


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A gift from my husband's boss. It was immediately sent to live with my Dad for when Taryn visits. I forgot how much I hate the recorder!


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The poncho was a gift from my best friend. It was hers when she was a toddler, made by her late mother. I was honored that she would pass it on to my daughter and Taryn was THRILLED as she adores her "Aunty Tamfa". My village, it's amazing.


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We've long since passed the time where trying to keep her clean is a goal. Instead, I find toys to help her get down with her dirty self. There's a reason she loves Grandpa's house.


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Having a long conversation about dandelions with a new park friend.


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Her eyes are my favorite thing in the whole world to photograph. Hazel with flecks of green and gold throughout. So beautiful.


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She drew the faces on the wall, so I got her to show me her "funny face". Pretty similar, no?


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My little artist. Painting is her favorite medium, but really she loves them all.


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Caught in the process of giving her balloon a raspberry.


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The beautiful dress made for Taryn by one of my best friends. Taryn calls it "my beautiful dress" and insists on wearing it every day for her "ballet show" that she puts on for me and her bears. <3


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She loves to dance almost as much as she loves to paint. I'm considering dance class for her once she turns 3. She's pretty good at it!


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Her first time at the circus was a smashing success. That is, until it got to be bedtime and we missed the second half. Still, much fun was had by all.


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Her weird habit of occasionally eating her crayons. She looks like a demented fashion pirate.


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She's a little virtuoso. Everything is done with gusto, flair, and that weird OMG face.


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Daddy makes the best forts ever.


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Easter is such a fun time for her. Her favorite part by far was the egg decorating and having friends over for dinner.


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Stickers on eggs? Why the hell not?!


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We're watching you.


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We have a lot of fun with the cameras. I can totally see her becoming a photogrpher like her parents.


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Kids are so odd.


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She's so damn independent sometimes. "No Mama, that's MY job!"


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Preview of the teen years.


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Just your average day of hugging a goat in the snow.

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